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Several variables determine the outcome of organ transplantation. This new tool based on molecular signature will help take better decisions to determine who is the most prone candidate to present a good outcome. Crucial as the number of patients in need of transplants exceeds the number of livers available.

High levels of environmental noise cause serious health problems in the industry sector. Many of them can be avoided but are irreversible once they occur. To avoid lowering situational awareness noise when using hearing protection devices, noise automatically adjusts to suitable sound levels. That they are comfortable, provide exceptionally long battery life and gives a smart alert in case of danger just makes them even greater.

A new solution that allows the operator to be safeguarded from chemical exposure. Less operating costs due to reduced chemicals and packaging, faster diagnosis and results for patients are the main value propositions. With this new technology, the risk of cross-contamination will decrease and it’s also a more environmentally friendly alternative.

A device developed for people with paralysis, progressive muscle-diseases or arm amputations. Enables the person to operate a computer solely by using his or her mouth. The slightest movement of the lips will control the mouthpiece and move the mouse across the computer screen. By simply sipping and puffing, the person can trigger mouse clicks as with any standard mouse.

A portable and user-friendly point of care device at an affordable price for self-management of chronic asthma condition, the most common disease among children. Effective management of long-term control medications will reduce the abuse of relieve medication and enable better quality of life for patients. The device won’t require a complex configuration and function by analysing biomarkers in exhaled breath.